Cow-lection/& Friends - 2011 to


'Liza Mooonelli'. 40 cm x 50 cm.  Oils on canvas.  Wedding commission. Wedding date and name on ear tag.

Kylie Moonogue Close Up

'COWlin Farrell'. 24"x24". Oils on mounted canvas. SOLD .  Hanging in Chop House, Landsdowne.

'Kylie Mooonogue. 24"x24". SOLD. (Moooved to the prairies of Canada).

'Mooody Garland'. 61cm x 46cm.  Oils on mounted canvas. €300.

Mooody Garland 2 'CALFin Klein'.

'CALFin Klein'. 61cm x 46cm. Oils on canvas. Varnished. €150


'Kimmy & Khloe. 18"x24". Oils on mounted canvas.

Varnished.  SOLD. Hanging in Chop House, Lansdowne.

COWlin Farrell FINAL COWlin Firth

'COWlin Firth'. Oils on board. 11"x9.5". €100. SOLD


The Knockanore Three

'The Knockanore Three'. 20"x16".

Oils on board. Framed in gallery. €150.

Homeward Bound

'Homeward Bound'. 16"x16". Oils on canvas. €75. From photo I took of farm in Knockanore, Co Waterford. SOLD!

Simon COWell & MOOey Walsh

'Simon COWell & MOOey Walsh'. Oils on canvas. 16"x16". €150.

'The Wild One'. 24"x20". Oils on canvas. €350. Mounted on gallery deep cut sided canvas by Inniscarra Art Gallery, ready to hang. FOR SALE.

'It's fresian out there'. 10"10". Oils on gallery cut wall hangable deep sided canvas. €70. Hanging in Lismore Heritage Centre.

George Gloomy

'George Gloomy'. Oils on canvas. 12"x10". €180.

It's Fresian Out There 011

'Nosey Norman' 16"x12". Oils on deep sided cut board. For Sale €120.

Wood Stag'. 27"x19". €220.  Oils on deep sided gallery cut canvas.  Photo image courtesy of Jessica Crighton Original Art. A BIGGIE!

BUCK Rogers'. 10"x10".  €70.  Oils on canvas. Currently for sale in Lismore Heritage Centre.  Wall mountable gallery cut canvas.


BUCK Rogers Wood Stag 2 The Wild One