Landscapes (BIGGIES) 2015 -

'Cloud Rush'. 24"x20". Oils on Board. Sold.

'Spring Sunrise' 24"x20" Oils on Canvas. Framed by Inniscarra Art Gallery. For sale.

'The Wild Atlantic Way, Connemara". 14"x10". Oils on board.

Cloud Rush No 2 The Old Farm Barn

'The Old Cow Barn'. 16"x12". Oils on canvas.  Beautifully framed in art gallery.  SOLD.

Fair Weather Days

'Cloudscape. Oils on board. 24"x20". For Sale. Contact Artist. SOLD.

'Evening Moor'. Oils on board. 24"x 20". SOLD


'Up In the Clouds'. 24"x20". Oils on board.  Hanging in Inniscsrra Art Gallery, for sale.

Up In the Clouds

'Land Bound'. 24"x20". Oils on Board. For Sale. Contact Artist.

Evening Break

'Evening Break'. Oils on board. 24"x20". Hanging in Inniscarra Art Gallery, for sale,

Land Bound Spring Sun 24x20 The Long Winter No 2

'The Long Winter'. 30"x20". Oils on board.  Deep side cut, ready to hang. SOLD.

'Summer Marsh'. 282X24". Deep side cut. Ready to hang. Oils

A Winters Road

'A Winter's Road'. 24"x20". Framed in Inniscarra Art Gallery. For Sale. Contact Artist. June 2015.

Evening Moor3 Wilsons Farm

'Wilsons Farm'. Oils on board. 23" x20".

The Old Bog Road

'The Old Bog Road'. Commercial Commissions for office. 30"x26".

'Sandymount View' 23"x19". Oils.

Saskachewan Big Sky Country

'Saskachewan- Big Sky Country'.Oils on board. 242X20". Photo courtesy of Mr R Lewis.

Summer Marsh 28x24 Sandymount View 23x19 Wild Atlantic Way Connemara